Monday, April 7, 2008

Elisha Shot Kam The Alien Six Times But Not with A Camera

Elisha tried to get even with Kam the Alien for killing Bocvana and then turning her into a Replicant so he got out his.357 Magnum and loaded it with six hollow point lead tipped bullets. That should take her out big time he thought. Then he waited for her to appear. He knew she would.

Then, as he was sitting at his desk, she appeared looking like a million bucks. She had morphed into the gorgeous figure of Kathleen the Mannequin and she had animated her. Kathleen was wearing an alluring see through blouse and did she ever have beautiful breasts. She was clearly looking for some action. But before she had a chance to speak Elisha said that he wanted to make some demands of his own. First off he wanted $50 million dollars deposited in a Trust Account in his name and that it had to be backdated. She looked at him and laughted. That's impossible she said.

OK, Kam, Elisha said, he would show her exactly what was possible and what was impossible. Then Elisha pulled out the .357 and pumped five bullets into her soft belly. She fell to the floor and started to bleed. Elisha went over to her inert body and felt for a pulse. There was none. For good measure he pumped the last shot into her head and he saw pieces of her skull and brain fly out in all directions. It was a mess. Blood and gore were spalatted all over the place. She was dead all right. Elisha hoped that the clean up would not be too difficult.

But luck was not running with Elisha that day. No sooner had he determined that Kam was really dead than he was amazed to see that the bloody wounds were healing themselves before his eyes. In a few moments she was alive and kicking again and she was not even upset. She said that she had gotten quite a thrill out of being shot and that it was almost as good as sex. Now how kinky can you get? She added that I could not kill her and that being shot turned her on. So with that she took Elisha off to some fleabag hotel on 25th Street and they fucked out brains out for hours. Elisha thought all the while about the puzzling connection between sex and death. Elisha had lost another round to Kam , but the sex was out of this world, literally. Elisha had to formulate a new plan if he was ever going to get rid of Kam.


Anonymous said...

do you have a photograph of her breasts?

Allan I ludwig AKA Elisha Cook Jr. said...

No. Cameras, even digital ones, do not work properly when she is around and no pictures of her come out. What I mean to say is that the pictures come out, but that she is not in them.I do not know how this works.

Allan I ludwig AKA Elisha Cook Jr. said...

No. Photographs of her do not some out. I guess she has some filter going which does not allow it. But I can say that she has lovely breasts and they are plastic.

I have to keep remembering that she is not human but an Alien. And she is an Alien who can morph into shape she wants at any time. She could even become a man , but she seems to prefer being a woman.

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