Monday, April 14, 2008

The Church Is Really Important Around Here

Then there is Monsignor Marinacchi who is retired and is, as of October , 2007 97 years old. He knows everybody in the neighborhood. He used to go to Jo-Anne’s for an espresso and also frequented Buffa’s Deli before it closed. When I sometimes found him at Buffa’s we would sit together and tell jokes. He read my daughter Kate’s scholarly book on St. Mary Magdalene with great interest and asked for a copy of his own. I got a paperback edition for him. He even read the citations in Medieval church Latin. Now he wants to meet Kate the next time she is in New York.

He knows I am not Catholic and said that I was going to burn in hell because I was not converted. On the other hand before I went in for my second triple by-pass he blessed me, and after I came out of the hospital he blessed me again. I asked him why he bothered since I was going to burn in hell and he said well, maybe with the blessings where they put me it won’t be so hot.

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